Term 3 dates 2024

Monday 15th of July


Saturday 29th of September


Upcoming Events

Our teachers

All of our teachers are practising musicians who learn, play, compose and perform on their own and with their peers. Our teachers can tailor classes to suit each individual student.


We offer classes in singing, piano, guitar, bass guitar, violin and saxophone. If there is another instrument you would like to learn, please let us know.

Recording studio

Facilities include a sound treated live room, air-conditioned sound treated control room and world class recording equipment. The recording studio is available for hire and training purposes.

Living Learning Australia

Living Learning Australia encompasses the activities of Andrew McSweeney and Jacqueline van Heerden, including the School of Loving Music, music programs in Victorian youth Justice, as well as permaculture consultancy, environmental design, Gathering Men and Women retreats, and other projects.