About the school

The School of Loving Music is an arts hub located in the heart of North Melbourne. We provide a range of services including music tuition, professional recording, music programs for youth justice clients, and other music related workshops.

We teach music to children and adults who are at all stages of their musical education. 

Our facilities include practise rooms, a recording studio, instrumental rooms and a central open plan space for group activities and workshops.


We offer a flexible approach to learning in the hope that our students will develop a life-long love
of music.

Andrew McSweeney

With a discography that includes collaborations with Susanna Espie, Kutcha Edwards, Paul Hester, Mundaway Yunapingu and more, Andrew is a prolific songwriter, singer and guitarist. He is currently writing and performing with his own band Dirty Rascal.

Andrew has been the artistic director and principal mentor for Living Learning Australia (School of Loving Music) since 1999, working with the Victorian youth justice system, and a range of agencies and community groups, using music as a healing connector.

In 2012, Andrew started the School of Loving Music in response to a need in the local area. The school has flourished since then becoming an integral part of the community.

Andrew is passionate about his family, his music and his cricket club, as well as Qi Gong, surfing and the environment.