Living Learning Australia

Living Learning Australia collaborates with individuals, organisations, other businesses and governments to create and deliver programs and projects that regenerate and care for our community and our environment. Our focus is on:

  • Music and art programs
  • Environmental design/guardianship
  • Wellbeing


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Music and art programs

As well as the School of Loving Music, Living Learning Australia has been delivering music and art programs in the Victorian youth justice and prison systems, Indigenous communities and schools. This has resulted in reduced recidivism, CDs and songs, and many live performances.


Photo of Future Echoes at Arts Centre Melbourne by Emerald McGill

Environmental design/guardianship

Using the principles of permaculture, organic and Ayruvedic science we have initiated, directed, collaborated and lobbied to deliver projects and initiatives that rejuvenate the planet and reduce waste. These include:

  • garden design
  • establishing local sustainable initiatives
  • designing and building food forests and food gardens
  • establishing compost hubs and repair hubs
  • community engagement programs


Through retreats, workshops and coaching/mentoring we create opportunities for wellbeing and nurturing in nature. Recently these have included:

  • Gathering Men and Women retreats
  • The Power of the Feminine event
  • Agnihotra workshops